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Company Overview

Soltera Mining Corp. (OTC: SLTA) is an exploration company that is concentrating on the major El Torno gold project in northern Argentina.  El Torno is a 78 km2 area that has potential for world-class gold deposits of two types: vein gold in a very large quartz vein system that extends intermittently north-south for 14 km and has been worked underground in the past, and dispersed gold in suites of small veins and stockworks that are separate from the main system and appear to be possible open-pit targets.


All exploration projects are run personally by Soltera’s CEO/President, economic geologist, Dr. Fabio Montanari. Living near the El Torno Gold Project in Argentina, Dr. Montanari has a hands-on approach to operations.


El Torno Gold Project


The El Torno property contains a large near-surface gold-quartz vein up to 14 km long that was historically worked in turn by the Incas, Jesuits and Spanish who left behind more than 1,000 m of underground galleries.  The vein extends north-south, is sub-vertical, and is accompanied in places by a stockwork system of small quartz veins that can extend up to 1 km from the main vein.  Read More….


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Soltera secures El Torno property for eight years

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El Torno Property

El Torno is in the mining friendly province of Jujuy, Argentina.


Exploration Work

Geophysical, sampling, trenching and channeling work to date.


Equipment at El Torno

Gold processing equipment and crew facilities already in place.


El Torno Gold Project Report


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